Customer Story

MST Motorsport - Expanding their total serviceable market with PartsPal.

MST Motorsport is an online retailer based in Utah, USA selling aftermarket truck, Jeep and SXS Parts and accessories. They started out as a service shop, repairing and customising vehicles, and quickly realized an opportunity to expand their market by selling parts and accessories nationwide online.

Prior to using PartsPal, they used BigCommerce to power their online store.


Pain points

Time consuming, labour intensive and expensive onboarding

They would send their parts list (from supplier) and their data fitment sheets (Asap network) to a team of 5 people in India. The team would then upload the products to their Bigcommerce site, then manually add and match data fitment for each individual part.

Limited Functionality

They recognized the importance of data fitment but BigCommerce was limited - in fact the level of fitment information they needed to provide to their customers was impossible with the Big Commerce system.


When exploring Shopify as an alternative option, they found the PartsPal app, which eventually prompted them to switch over from BigCommerce.

They provide PartsPal with their supplier feed. PartsPal  automatically matches the parts with fitment data, saving them time and resources. Their buyer experience is improved by adding PartsPal YMM filters, and vehicle fitment checks on their website.

They were only initially looking for a fitment solution for their website, but loved that they could manage their inventory and sales on PartsPal, and also easily expand into other sales channels such as eBay & Partly.