Fitment data

PartsPal provide an advanced parts fitment system using structured OEM data. Having correct, up to date fitment data increase your market size.

Increase market share

We generate multiple unique links to ensure your product displays on Google for all the relevant vehicles your part fits.

Increase sales conversion

Buyer are more likely to purchase when confirming the part fits their vehicle. Your team will also save time replying to "will this fit my vehicle" queries.

Case Study:

Compare the market size of a 2002 Toyota Estima, with and without using fitment data. There are 19,000 if these vehicles in NZ. However, in reality this fuel pump fits 13 other models like Camry, Previa, Highlander etc, which increases the market size.


Wheel and Tyre Fitment

A comprehensive database of wheel and tyre fitment based on their width, profile and diameter.

Wheels are matched on four things

  1. Offset (aka 35mm)

  2. Stud pattern (aka 5-127)

  3. Diameter (aka 20")

  4. Width (aka 8.5")

When you create a wheel/tyre these are added then we can show buyers exactly what fits their ride - instantly.

Fitment simplified

Match a part based on the make/model/year, submodel or engine.

When you create a part, you can add the aftermarket/OEM part number. This is used to find all the vehicles that use your part.

Imagine a database with 14 million part numbers, 295,000 vehicles, 140 million engine fitments, 80,000 wheel fitments and 29,000 brands. We did.