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Manage Auto Parts Inventory


Quick-list Part Upload 

The PartsPal quick-list system lets you easily upload physical auto parts into your PartsPal inventory in seconds.

Parts Supplier Integrations

Integrate your supplier feeds and manage all your stock from one, easy location. 

CSV Upload

Upload your current stock from a CSV or Excel Sheet.

Website Integration

Integrate your website feeds and manage all your stock from PartsPal.

Create Part from Donor Vehicle

PartsPal generates a list of parts from a vehicle, allowing you to select and create a part quickly.


Inventory Management

An intuitive inventory management system designed for auto parts businesses. Easily manage fitment, stock, pricing, and more from one location.

Multiple Team Members

Add your team members and manage your auto parts inventory together.

Multiple Yards or Warehouses

Manage multiple yards and ship from multiple locations, with different stock levels and shipping options.

Advanced Filters

Filter by price range, condition, manufacturer, usage, status, fitment type or availability.


Manage Auto Parts Fitment


OEM Fitment Database

PartsPal's OEM part number database contains data from all major auto-part manufactures and allows you to automate part fitment by just adding a part number.

Aftermarket Fitment Database

PartsPal's aftermarket part number database contains data from over 2500 brands and allows you to automate part fitment by just adding a part number.

Wheel & Tire Fitment

Manage wheel fitment with our built-in bolt pattern, diameter, width and offset manager. Manage tire fitment with our diameter, width and ratio manager.


YMM Search Website Integration

Our fitment data can be added to your website via a YMM search filter.

Add Custom Fitment

Easily add and manage fitment data to your inventory.


Manage Auto Parts E-commerce


Sales Channel Integrations

Automatically push products and updates to your website and other sales channels like online marketplaces.

Orders seamlessly sync onto PartsPal and stock is automatically updated.

Customised Category Pages

Allow your buyers to browse your site easily with templated and customizable category pages.

Multiple Currency Management

PartsPal works with multiple currencies. Sell in multiple global markets and accept payments from around the world.

Order & Stock Management

Orders are synced from your sales channels directly into your PartsPal. Stock is automatically adjusted.

Automated Freight Calculator

Integrate with shipping providers and receive accurate shipping quotes base on the order weight and dimensions. 


Part Request System

Recover customers that search for a part which is unavailable in your PartsPal inventory.

PartsPal sends you a notification allowing you to retain the customer and make the sale.

Sales History Report

List of sales orders, with details and status. The order shows purchase date, shipment, customer name, invoice number and payment status.