Essential features utilized by auto parts sellers.

Explore the tools to help your business to grow and scale.

Data Fitment

Vehicle Fitment

Extensive cloud-based vehicle classification to seamlessly identify parts to their specific vehicles.

Wheel and Tyre Fitment

A comprehensive database of wheel and tyre fitment based on their width, profile and diameter.


Add our auto parts fitment system to your website.


Inventory List

View your parts on a streamlined list.The parts display part number, name, vehicle/source, price and stock on hand.

Advanced Filters

Filter by price range, condition, manufacturer, usage, status, fitment type or availability.

Stock Adjustments

Control stock counts by adjusting stock for returned, damaged or changes during stocktake.

Fitment Selector

Effortlessly find parts in your inventory which fit a specific fitment type.

Multiple Warehouse

Create multiple stock locations, transfer stock, stock levels sync and update throughout.

Quick Preview

Easily view your part or vehicle photo and details, and the sales channel the part links to.

CSV Import

Import your parts via a CSV or our integration, reconcile and bulk categories with the help of our support team.

Multiple Sales Channel

Marketplace Platforms

Sell parts into profitable new channels of demand, including Partly, Trade Me and eBay, Your inventory and orders sync seamlessly instantly.

Website Channel

PartsPal can integrate with your current website or we can design a new website for you with full eCommerce functionality including the PartsPal fitment system. PartsPal syncs your inventory and orders instantly.

Sales Orders

Centralised Management

Process your orders from your multiple channels from one easy one place.

POS (coming soon)
Multiple Currency

Your customers will be able to buy in a different currency, while keeping your records in your country’s currency.

Quotes (coming soon)


Sales History Report

List of sales orders, with details and status. The order shows purchase date, shipment, customer name, invoice number and payment status.

Customisable Reports

View reports based on sales channels, vehicle type, part type, customer or demographic.

Part enquiries

Gather reports on requested and enquired parts.