How to add a data fitment file on PartsPal

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

PartsPal has a feed file feature which allows you to easily add products and inventory details such as stock, part fitment and part interchange. PartsPal then automatically matches the details to the relevant products in your inventory, saving you hours of matching them manually.

Feed manager

To upload your file, head over to the Settings Tab on the left panel, feed files manager and click the "add new file" button on the top right.

Upload your file on the top right corner, fill in the name, Import Type and Transformer Type.

Import Type

  • Products Feed file for products. The minimum information PartsPal needs to create a product in your inventory is barcode number or SKU. A common scenario is that sellers have a CSV with part numbers and brands. In this case, they can duplicate the part numbers to the SKU columns for the products to create.

  • Stock If you work with stock files, you will be able to update the stock levels by using a stock feed files.

  • Parts Fitment Parts Fitment is used to assign parts compatibility to your products. The minimum details needed for the feed files are Year, Make, Model, part number and brand. The other fields available are SKU, Year from, Year to, Trim, Engine Code.

  • Parts Interchange Parts Interchange are used to match parts that are interchangeable between different brands and models.

Transformer Type

There are a few versions of files that PartsPal can accept and match. If your files are not in one of these formats, you will have to prepare your CSV for upload. To do so, download our template CSV files and match the details to the headings.

Updating Feed File

Rather than adding a new file, you can update a feed file. Double click on the file, and upload your updated file. The data will updated based on the PartsPal Id's, or the SKUs if the PartsPal Id is not available.

Matching Parts Fitment to Products

When you add a fitment feed, PartsPal will match the fitment to the product automatically based on the SKU. Is the SKU is unavailable, then PartsPal will attempt to match based on the part number if the brand is available.

Exporting Files

If you want to export/download your files, head to: Setting > Company Details > Downloads


If you are having any issues with uploading a feed files, get in touch at

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