Finding your theme main content name on Wordpress.

If the main selector of your WordPress site is not #site-content, you will need to change this.

Work out what the main selector of your site is:

1. Go to a 404 page on your site (e.g.

2. Inspect the “page not found” message (on Chrome, right click → Inspect) – this will open the dev tools panel.

3. Hover over the selected element, and you will see the “page not found” message highlighted

4. Move your mouse up the HTML document tree until the entire main content of the page (not including your headers and footers) is highlighted

5. Read the element you are hovering over (e.g. <main id="site-content" role="main">), and look for a class or id property – in this example there is an ID

6. If it is a class, prepend it with a .; if it is an ID, prepend it with a # (e.g. #site-content) – this is your main selector.

You can now update this in Tools → PartsPal → Main selector

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