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Managing Auto Parts Inventory on PartsPal

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Bringing your parts on to PartsPal is the key step in setting up your PartsPal account. There are a few ways to do this. We'll cover them in this post.

Importing parts from Shopify

For users of Shopify, our PartsPal Shopify App is a convenient method to automatically sync parts onto PartsPal and automatically reconcile fitment data. Once installed, all Shopify products will automatically be synced onto your PartsPal account.

While syncing, PartsPal will automatically detect part numbers within your products and attempt to match them in our database. If a part number is found, the fitment for that part will automatically be reconciled to that part.

Importing parts from a CSV

PartsPal also supports bulk uploading parts via a CSV file. To do this, you'll need to ensure that your CSV file contains the PartsPal column headers. Download the PartsPal column headers.

Only the name column is a required field, all other fields in the CSV are optional, but providing as much information as possible will help you to have a completed PartsPal inventory.

Parts can be updated via CSV if a PartsPal ID is included in the CSV. PartsPal IDs will be exported along with your inventory from the downloads page in your PartsPal settings.

Uploading Parts from a CSV can be slightly technical, if you have any trouble with this, we recommend sending your CSV to us, and we will help you upload your parts to your PartsPal account.

Importing parts from a website

In many case, PartsPal can sync parts from your existing website. You'll need to contact us to check if your website qualifies.

Importing parts from other software

PartsPal integrate in the background with other inventory systems. You'll need to contact us to check if your software qualifies.

Creating a part on PartsPal

Creating a part on PartsPal is simple and fast. All details are optional, so you can add whatever is important for your parts.

When creating a part, you can search for a part number in our database of over 14 million. If you find the part number, then the category and vehicle fitment will be automatically generated and added to your sales channels.

Using the quick-create parts system

PartsPal offers a quick create system designed to easily upload physical parts onto the PartsPal software.

This system is mobile-friendly so you can take photos from your phone, add a part number. The part details and fitment will automatically be generated and the part will be published to your sales channels.

Access the quick create system from here.

Duplicating a part

Another easy way to create a new part is using the part duplicate system. This will copy the details from an existing part in your inventory and you can change any details before creating the new part.

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