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Managing Auto Parts E-Commerce on PartsPal

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Once parts are in your PartsPal inventory, they can be published to your sales channels.

Publishing parts

Parts can be published once they have complete required data. Required data includes a title, price and category.

Parts can be published and unpublished from the part preview in your PartsPal inventory manager, or by using the bulk update.

PartsPal allows you to publish selected parts to one sales channel, and a separate selection of parts to a different sales channel.

Adding a YMM filter to your website

A Year/Make/Model vehicle filter selector can be added to Shopify websites using our Shopify app.

Installing the PartsPal YMM filter on your website requires some basic programming skills to install a PartsPal code snippet. Shopify website owners can intall this into the Shopify theme by following our tutorial.

This can be added to other websites by contacting us.

Adding sales channels

PartsPal automatically integrates the Partly auto parts marketplace as your first sales channel. Shopify websites can be added as an additional sales channel using our Shopify app.

Additional websites and marketplace sales channels can be added by contacting us.

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