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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Learn about PartsPal’s key features, fitment data, our systems, pricing plans, and where to find help.

Key Features

PartsPal provides a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your auto parts business online. Our system is cloud-based which means you can access your PartsPal account from any device and no download is necessary.

Depending on the pricing plan you choose, you can find everything you need to check, add, and manage fitment data, sell auto parts online, and to make your business work for you. PartsPal offers:

  • The most user-friendly method for auto parts businesses to upload parts to your PartsPal inventory.

  • A massive database of part numbers and fitment data, making it easy for you to automate and keep up to date vehicle fitment information.

  • Publishing to multiple sales channels including your own website as well as marketplaces.

  • An easy way to add a YMM vehicle filter and fitment information to your website.

  • Access to fitment data via API.

  • Experts to help you get set up, manage parts and sell online.

Our fitment system

The PartsPal fitment system is the only vehicle fitment database in the world which covers OEM, aftermarket parts and is editable and customization by you. This means you can add your own part numbers and fitment information for your parts.

Our database contains over 14 million part numbers and fitment information. This database is constantly being updated as the industry grows and evolves.

The PartsPal fitment system can be used to keep track of fitment for your parts inventory, added to your own website/webshop, or accessed via an API.

Our fitment system supports part fitment for vehicles years, sub-models, vehicle configurations, engine codes, tires and wheels.

Selling Online

PartsPal is designed to help auto parts businesses easily upload physical parts online. Parts can be uploaded directly with our listing app.

Once online, PartsPal can automatically publish your parts to multiple sales channels. These sales channels can include your own website, online marketplaces and even your own POS system.

Additionally, PartsPal automatically integrates with global auto parts marketplace, Partly.

Pricing Plans

PartsPal pricing is based on a monthly subscription. See our pricing plans.

For API pricing, contact us for a quote.

Where do go for help

We're a friendly team who are always ready to help you succeed on PartsPal. A few ways you can find help include:

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