PartsPal Software Release Update Changelog

Updated: 5 days ago

Frontend Changelog: 4.2.0 (2021-01-12)

Bug Fixes

api: include distinct in wrap pagination query (cc7a8cd )

dynamic_part_query: clone trees properly (5dda0e8 )

product: when preprocessing product, copy over part information (ddb912e )

shopify: fix the fitment checker (b2c108d )

shopify: fix wrong message shown in the fitment checker (49636b6 )

uvdb-model service: remove vehicle_type_id filter from elasticsearch query (6f28aa2 )

Featuresdynamic_part_query: create simple express server to call qaServer.get() (73c9747 )

4.0.0 (2021-01-04)

Bug Fixes

api: fix compiling error (c644bdd )

api: remove old category property access on Part model (cf23dd3 )

api: tidy up after db schema changes, test and fix remaining types in store resolver (58070a9 )

ebay: add awaits, and rework service names (1978c69 )

ebay: don't throw error if there is no ebay account linked - instead, just return (2a20c86 )

ebay: handle missing token, refactor to use Prisma's findFirst (8d79e40 )

ebay: tidy up after rebase (5e9f174 )

ebay.auth: use placeholder for dev key (7f2cbc5 )

ebay.auth.service: use new DB fields to store ebay keys (22fd44a )

ebay.location: tidy up data for sending to eBay, fix prisma calls (e809afa )

ebay.service: add check that store ID matches address (f11c805 )

ebay/location: handle error returned if location already exists when creating a location (9578fb3 )

ebay/location: use new state column in store_addresses for eBay's state or province (1c05fce )

ebay/product: discard 404s when deleting products (738c1d1 )

ebay/product: fix issue where products without a part number didn't push to ebay by only including brand for products with a part number (c0c4407 )

ebay/product: get product condition when sending product to ebay (b64d7d0 )

external-implementations: tidy up redux after refactor (0653ec1 )

install-ebay-app-dialog: don't overwrite email address if user has updated it (4b899a2 )

libs: prevent 400 graphql responses by removing unused fragment (e119942 )

models: rename fields after api refactor (423df41 )

models: rename remaining fields after api refactor (8277dd5 )

partattribute, partattributeoption: fix getting part attributes with refactored api (a2e5529 )

prisma: omit skip when getting total count of items in DB for wrapPrismaPagination (9e36625 )

sell-page: get useImperial from selectSell or selectPartSelector as necessary (df31345 )

utils: add function to decode xml strings (e.g. ' → '), and use it for shipping services' descriptions (be01c46 )

vehicle: don't get view settings (4f8d38e )

hide values and units that use useImperial until useImperial is loaded (bea5e20 )

tidy up imports, etc, after rebasing metric-or-imperial onto refactor/api (7cab331 )

Code Refactoring

api: add Attribute and AttributeOption types, change ProductSearchMetadata field (ef5d390 )

api: changes to Store, Vehicle, UserVehicle, and UserVehiclePagination types (3075387 )

api: create gapc query and move parts under it (226cbcd )

api: move and rename vehicle_resolve { part_fitment } query to products { items { fitment } } (1ceeb6a )

api: move vehicle_selector and vehicle_resolve queries under new uvdb query (14e07de )

api: move vehicles query -> uvdb { vehicles } (0825964 )

api: remove brands field under product-options query (ee32edd )

api: remove listing_count field from GAPC_AttributeOption type (cab7c92 )

api: remove order_id argument from uvdb_vehicle_configs field in the UVDB_EngineConfig type (633ad32 )

api: remove part_positions field from vehicle_selector query (fdf9965 )

api: remove store_id argument from uvdb { vehicle_selector } fields (ce6bd69 )

api: remove the category field from the GAPC_Category type (d980805 )

api: remove the category field under the GAPC_PartType type (0ca5781 )


api: add gapc_part_type_id argument to categories and category_tree queries (da0dff3 )

api: add gapc_part_type_id as arg to store's gapc_parts (b1f1de6 )

api: add ID search to me {store {donor_vehicles}} (6af97ab )

api,partly-node,shopify-node: remove healthy check from request logger (d530892 )

apps: hide ebay from UI (d59e15b )

data change: regen Prisma schema based on DB changes (7a1d164 )

donor vehicle: add ability to convert odometer to imperial (27c0f2b )

donor-vehicle-editor: if an odometer reading between 1 and 1000 is entered, show a hint that suggests multiplying it by 1000 (42191d7 )

[11:35 AM] ebay: add endpoint and buttons to push all products that haven't been pushed yet, and force push all products (79a6652 )

ebay: add endpoint for adding a marketplace to a store, rework currency, get shipping services from settings (8c9f531 )

ebay: add endpoint for updating location (559db5e )

ebay: add product and policy creation endpoints, enabling pushing of products to ebay to work (a0549c7 )

ebay: allow user to unlink eBay account (2fd5c2e )

ebay: create authorisation flow for eBay (faed3f5 )

ebay: handle linking ebay account in install ebay dialog, and other things in install ebay dialog (09c0b32 )

ebay: if product doesn't have a weight, then use the default weight set by the user (279c44f )

ebay: implement endpoint for pushing all of a store's locations (dc15af0 )

ebay: implement installation (78c5d0c )

ebay: load payment email in install ebay dialog if it exists (a60dd9f )

ebay: push fitment - k types (7ae7466 )

ebay: push locations to ebay (2933496 )

ebay: push out updates to products to eBay, makes changes from DB refactor (9965788 )

ebay: push product deletes to eBay (5c31396 )

ebay: refactor to use @hendt /ebay-api instead, and add method to get current token from DB (6870431 )

ebay: show warning when linking ebay about non-changeability of location addresses (6af3e8d )

ebay: throw specific error if trying to link another ebay account (1aa11ec )

ebay: when installing ebay, update payment email for all marketplaces if changed (f225dd5 )

ebay/auth: save refreshed token to DB (6fcd5b8 )

ebay/policy: add endpoints for updating payment and return policies (7aebbde )

ebay/policy: add support for free shipping (44629ea )

ebay/product: add endpoint to delete products, and call this endpoint on frontend when deleting products (8bcf9e8 )

external-implementation: add policies for marketplace when installing ebay (becf592 )

fitment search check: add ability to convert to imperial (279082a )

install-ebay-app-dialog: add "Not available" option to domestic and international shipping dropdowns (23a1375 )

listing page: add ability to convert to imperial (b222ba3 )

part edit: add ability to convert to imperial when creating a part (27a23b2 )

part-faq-schema: add ability to display imperial units when necessary (b3f488f )

sell page: add ability to convert to imperial (953a76c )

shopify: demo finished for otf components (c127b25 )

shopify: finilize preact thing (98660cf )

shopify: more on the fly components ready (4a11ee7 )

shopify: poc on on the fly dynamic component (e623e3c )

shopify: preact component should work now (63109ea )

shopify: template injection hack mostly complete (726ec45 )

store-settings: add a setting for users to change their country (e60b427 )

store-settings-apps: add installable apps to settings, and a dialog for ebay (85b5855 )

store-settings-manager: add Apps section to settings (f0d0c5a )

store-settings-manager: move Installed apps into new Apps tab of settings (57b1fc5 )

add conversion of wheel bolt patterns to imperial for imperial countries (8d5bf22 )

add metric/imperial conversion for part editor (0fbed81 )

add metric/imperial conversion to inventory-manager-page, and generalise the convertPart function (03a1125 )

Performance Improvements

store.service: don't process user actionables to speed up login process (5c2a247 )


seller-management: revert commit 728ae86e (move part editor imperial/metric conversion logic from service to component) (b8d01d7 )


data change: Database changes

api: Public API changes: 3 fields removed from the Vehicle type, 2 new types:

UserVehicle and UserVehiclePagination, and 6 fields added to the Store type.


api: Public API change: part_fitment field no longer exists under vehicle_resolve, it

has been renamed to fitment and moved to products { items { fitment } }


[11:35 AM] api: Public API change: ProductSearchMetadata { attributes } has changed its type.


api: Public API change: the uvdb_vehicle_configs field no longer accepts an order_id

field in the UVDB_EngineConfig type.


api: Public API change: the category field is no longer under the GAPC_PartType


api: Public API change: the category field is no longer available under the

GAPC_Category type


api: Public API change: listing_count is no longer returned under the

GAPC_AttributeOption type


api: Public API change: store_id argument is no longer accepted in specific fields under

uvdb { vehicle_selector }


api: Public API change: the vehicles query is now available as a field under the uvdb



api: Public API change: vehicle_selector and vehicle_resolve queries no longer exist.

They are now accessible under uvdb.


api: Public API change: part_positions field is no longer available under the

vehicle_selector query, it has been moved under the gapc query.


api: Public API change: the brands field under the product-options query is now under

the gapc query.


api: Public API change: parts query no longer exists at root level but under gapc


Update 3.0.0 (2020-12-16)

Bug Fixes:

api: 1. align api with db schema changes, 2. always throw error when user provide authenrization header and expire, 3. fix gapc parts query vehicle filter error (5522b20 )

api: cors everything for now (f408350 )

api: fix all prisma type errors (0b3c7dc )

api: fix bugs spotted on frontend in settings tab (f6b4c51 )

api: fix categories error (347d14f )

api: fix compling error (d22ec86 )

api: fix default import error (d1b78ec )

api: fix merge error (c2c7a46 )

api: fix misc enum usage (db25637 )

api: fix parts fitment check (8f59e74 )

api: fix searching endpoint for now (955518f )

api: fix shopify store alias query (7477589 )

api: fix usage of enums: DataSourceTypes, StoreStatusTypes, ExternalLinkStatus, BrowseSortBy; other misc fixes for frontend (629496b )

api: improve product search (fb5b26d )

api: make category query order by name (3d78f30 )

api: make things works again (f3a287e )

api: move UVBD classes over from laravel (a3151b4 )

api: resolver fixes for frontend (b64ba14 )

api: should fix fitted vehicle in search service (fa1f33c )

api: small type error fix (99488af )

api: try fixing compiling error (4216193 )

api,partly,shopify: add aggregation filters to browse page, refactored conversation resolver (387683d )

brand search: upsert brands when searching (040dec1 )

categories.queryer, store.service: improved code logic and fixed a circular reference (0f98133 )

category resolver: if user doesn't have a country code, use the default country for getting i18n category (e72e13f )

current-user resolver: implement conversations resolver field; don't include soft deleted items in cart (fde560a )

current-user resolver: return array of social types, not singular social type (b7d31ee )

developer-options: on logout, reset state (d3e5edb )

env: restore api and socket urls (oops) (f62bb76 )

frontend: move parts to root endpoint (c63d7be )

gapc-parts-manager: show all category tree in gapc part manager (c8f2de8 )

interchange-creator: change wording of textbox label, remove second textbox (5669ab2 )

libs/features/ui-resize: update variable reference causing compilation error (143a9e6 )

newsfeed: update newsfeed model now that whole store is sent, not store_id (ca295eb )

order-line-item resolver: add product field resolver (ea42815 )

part-request.service: fix pagination by adding 1 to page (8c13428 )

partly: fix compiling issue (a7eb111 )

product resolver: fix price by getting currency from product store, not current store (68d5951 )

product resolver: fix typo (923f0e6 )

shopify-setup: generify Shopify -> your store (9f140b2 )

shopify-setup: misc fixes and generification (3be841b )

shopify-setup: remove StoreGuard from route so users without stores can access setup page (396f2fc )

shopify-setup: set business types (44c60a7 )

stock-adjustment resolver: include product (0fe20c8 )

store service: show donor vehicle manager tab for dismantlers (7cd47e2 )

store-admin resolver: for sales_orders, return paginated orders, not order line items (337addf )

store-invoice resolver: include user metadata for buyer (97fac5e )

store-shipment, store-invoice resolver: add order field resolver (2ac8fb4 )

user-actionable resolver: get id from actionable, not pivot table (c8b72ab )

delete random favicon that thinks it is on LFS (2af59d8 )

shopify-setup-page: get onboarding to process actionables correctly (e23e490 )

store service: fix prisma connect - just connect based on id (12817f5 )

store-admin resolver: use appropriate pivot table to get part requests (aa43c9f )

user service: fix creating user actionables (263c854 )

vehicle resolver: add user and guest user field resolvers (f9a6bf3 )

fix misspelling: anually -> annually (cfeae29 )

misc fixes for node graphql (7c9c505 )

rename db column back to anually, use alias to get field as annually (4b4d3fd )

2.19.0 (2020-10-20)

Bug Fixes: Inventory-manager: remove bulk update price menu option, as it doesn't work Wordpress: move wp_enqueue_script call into a wp_enqueue_scripts callback

Features: Partspal: Add a part-editor page Partspal: replace old part-editor-dialog with new side panel part-editor Wordpress: autofill store alias with site url (without http/https) Performance Improvements api: improve api speed and update prisma version

2.17.0 (2020-10-06)

Bug Fixes:

Part-selector-dialog: show (disabled) change button if no part is selected


Auto-facade: Finished auto facade

Garage: Replace some of the garage selector with garage facade

Inventory-manager-page: Add "Change catalog part" option to preview panel/individual product menu

Part-selector-dialog: Show users an error if an error occurs while changing part; refactor how successful part changes are handled

Shopify: Change required attributes style and added selected attributes to built in filters

Update (2020-10-05)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the gpac_PartType breaks

Fixed issue with the base vehicle fitment edit not working on the part editor

Reset gallery on preview-vehicle component when vehicle has changed


Read theme from store general settings for Shopify

Added attribute filters for Shopify Integration

Update (2020-10-02)

Bug Fixes:

General setting error with null pointer

Fixed tool-tip in graph

Remove focus trap from email form field for guest user

Removed the debug data display

Fixed login error when new user registers

Fixed vehicle-selector on product page

Checks for null category when sending stock notification


Changed graphs to only display 2 series: current period and previous period

Made name and email required

Display name, phone number, and category of parts requests

Added name field to stock notification

Changed wording of successful stock request notification

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