Quick List App tutorial

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

With your mobile device, open the quick list app by clicking the link on the PartsPal footer, or typing this URL onto your browser.

Follow the prompts to sign in to your account.


Step 1: Take a photo

Step 2: Add a part number

As PartsPal inventory manager is cloud based, the part will be instantly uploaded to your inventory. From your computer, you can easily add additional information like price and description.

Fitment data

PartsPal will automatically generate fitment information from our database. If your part is not in our database, you can upload your fitment file and PartsPal will automatically match the fitment from your file.

Uploading your fitment data

Settings > Feed Files Manager > Add new file

Publish to sales channels

You can sell to multiple sales channels with ease - with your stock levels kept in sync.

In the Inventory Manager, select the products that you want to publish. Select the menu (...) on the top left, and select Sales Channels.

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