Setting up PartsPal Wordpress Plug-in

Updated: Oct 6

About PartsPal

PartsPal is an end-to-end solution for auto parts businesses to sell online, by managing inventory, fitment data and e-commerce.

PartsPal has a plug-in for Wordpress which allows sellers to add and automatically match parts fitment to their products, add a Year Make Model filter and vehicle fitment checker to their store and manage orders from multiple sales channels in one place.

PartsPal Wordpress Plug-In

Search for "PartsPal" under the "Plugins" section of your Wordpress dashboard.

Select Install now.

Once you've installed and activated PartsPal, there will be a notification bar on your Dashboard that reads "PartsPal installed successfully. Set up PartsPal". Click that.

You can also access this window by going to Tools > PartsPal. Select Connect PartsPal to WooCommerce, and follow the prompts.

Installing YMM Selector

Adding a code snippet to Wordpress will allow PartsPal's fitment system to be displayed on a Wordpress page. To do so, insert this code snippet into the html of the page. You can view the full tutorial here:

<ngx-element class="parts-pal" selector="home-vehicle-selector"></ngx-element>

PartsPal Wordpress Plug-in Settings

There are some settings that you can change.

  • VIN Search Allow buyers to search by their Vehicle Identification Number. If PartsPal VIN database is not available in your country, you can disable this, allowing buyers to search with Year Make Model.

  • Theme If you have access to custom theme development and want to add minor CSS to code, you can select the theme here

  • Main Selector Depending on the Wordpress theme selected, the main selector might be called a different name. We have a tutorial on how to do so here: *If your YMM selector is not working, you will most likely need to check your Main Selector name

  • Navigation callback This field is for developers to add specific code if needed. For most cases, leave this blank.

PartsPal Dashboard

You will be able to access your PartsPal Dashboard from the Tools panel (once you've connected to WooCommerce).

PartsPal is a very powerful software that will be able to help you sell auto parts online successfully. We recommend you read through the User-Guide to understand more about PartsPal. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our team at