Top Shopify Themes for Auto Parts

Shopify's basic themes are great to get started with, but can be limited in terms of functionality. There are many great third options to use for your auto parts store, at an affordable rate.

There are a many factors to look out for when selecting a Shopify Theme. Some of these to consider are: - Responsive design on multiple devices

- SEO-friendly - Clean, high quality code - Customer Support* At PartsPal, we have encountered many different themes while helping our customers set up our vehicle selector (YMM lookup) and fitment database, and have our preferences. Having that said, here are the top picks:

1. Chromium

Chromium is one of the most purchased themes, and we think for good reason. It ticks most of the requires store have and more. Check it out 2.Spark

Spark is also another well designed, reliable theme option.

Check it out

3. Warehouse

Warehouse is not marketed as an auto parts specific theme, but does everything that you'll need for your auto parts store. We would actually recommend any of the larger themes on Shopify's store, but specifically chose Warehouse because it's organized well for larger catalogs, which is common for auto part stores. Check it out

Conclusion We believe that the most important thing when selling online is to start with the fundamentals first. This means making sure that the site is clean and fast, your products have fitment data and all the necessary details for a good customer experience.

Once that's sorted, then having a great theme with features and beautiful design and navigation will complete the experience.

If you'll like to find out more about managing your inventory, fitment and e-commerce with PartsPal, you can get in touch at

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