Software for car dealerships to sell parts online

Power your auto parts e-commerce strategy by managing your inventory, fitment and sales with PartsPal.


Managing Data Fitment

Having accurate data fitment will increase buyer conversion rate, product discoverability and reduce returns. PartsPal inventory manager is built to work with data fitment in many formats.

GAPC Database

We utilize their database of 46 million part numbers and 295000 vehicles, matching their fitment information to your parts.

Data Feed

PartsPal accepts different types of data feeds through CSV.

  • Marketplace Data Files

  • Supplier Feed

  • All major data standards.

Custom Fitment

PartsPal allows you to add and manage your own fitment data to your inventory. The user friendly interface means you have full control and work efficiently.

Powering Dealerships to sell online

We work with over 40 makes, 30 000 part types and 46 million part numbers

+ 40 other makes

PartsPal is the fastest way for car dealerships to get parts online with fitment.