Fitment Data from GAPC and UVDB Integration

Parts data fitment and compatibility made easy with our PartsPal Integration with the Global Auto Parts Catalog and Universal Vehicle Database.

About GAPC and UVDB

GAPC and UVDB are community and industry driven global standard for vehicle data and auto parts. They have a catalog of 46 million parts and a database of 295,000 vehicles. Of this catalog, 35 million of the parts are OEM and 9 million aftermarket.

GAPC Catalog returns

  • Part name

  • Category

  • Short description

  • Fitment notes

  • Images

  • Media

  • Part position

  • Atrributes

  • Dimensions

  • Interchangeable parts

  • EAN/barcode

  • Base vehicle fitments

  • Full vehicle fitments

  • Engine fitments

  • Vehicle config fitments

UVDB Database returns

  • Year, Make, Model, Trim

  • Bed length

  • Body style

  • Brake config

  • Drive type

  • Manufacturer body code

  • Manufactured date range

  • Spring type

  • Transmission

  • Number of speeds​

  • Control type

  • Transmission type

  • Engine

    • Engine code

    • Number of valves

    • Fuel type

    • Asperation type

    • Cylinder type

    • Engine manufacturer

    • Number of litres

    • Number of CCs

    • Number of cylinders

    • Block type

    • Bore 

    • Stroke

Why GAPC and UVDB?

Up-to-date data

- Approximately 80% of parts have fitment information

  • Approximately 30% of parts have images

  • Over 30,000 part types

Universal Standard

GAPC are a global catalog, covering North America, Europe, and parts of Asia.

PartsPal Integration

PartsPal's integration makes it easy for businesses to utilize their powerful database and catalog without any development work.

Match automatically with your inventory

PartsPal will be able to match the fitment to your data automatically from your part numbers.

Multiple sales channels

Once fitment is added to your products, you can easily push them to your Shopify, or Wordpress website, eBay and Amazon

Customisability and control over data

You have full control over adding and manage your data and parts, unlike turn-key solutions.

Year Make Model Lookup

Allow customers to search for parts that fit their vehicle based on the fitment information

Vehicle Compatibility

Allow customers to check if the part fits their vehicle on the product page