Making Parts Online Easy

PartsPal is a market pioneer in auto part management software. Our end-to-end applications radically change the way auto parts business sell and manage their parts online.

Our story

Our story

PartsPal was co-founded by New Zealand entrepreneurs who had backgrounds in both auto parts and software experience. They started this journey after experiencing first hand the difficulties auto parts businesses had trying to sell online, specifically with fitment data.


The goal was to build software that would simplify the process of managing and selling auto parts online.

Since it's inception, PartsPal has been rapidly adopted by companies in over 13 countries and is becoming a household name in the auto parts industry. 

What we do

PartsPal is a powerful inventory management software for auto parts designed to work with fitment data. We are the base of our customer's workflows when selling online.


Manage Inventory 
The inventory manager is an intuitive cloud-based system, with tools to onboard and manage parts.

Manage Fitment

The fitment manager allows customers to upload their data feeds, or if no feed is available, works with GAPC in the background to provide and match fitment data for over 46 million part numbers.

Manage E-commerce
PartsPal integrations with multiple sales channels including marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and Shopify. Customers use PartsPal to feed inventory and fitment information easily to these channels and manage sales orders from one place.


Who we work with

PartsPal has a range of customers from medium-size auto parts businesses to large enterprises, including a Fortune500 company. Most of PartsPal's customers are based in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and in the Middle East

The solutions are built for auto parts manufacturers, distributors, car dealership part departments and salvage yards.


"Our customer-first approach when developing PartsPal has required us to tackle some extremely complex problems, but as a result - been the catalyst for our success."

Levi Fawcett, CEO