Create parts from donor vehicles

PartsPal Feature: Create parts from donor vehicles

Use cases: Salvage Yard, Breaker Yards, Wreckers, Dismantle, Recycle Yard The problem: Listing parts is really time consuming, and especially repetitive for salvage yards, and when listing multiple parts from the same vehicle.

PartsPal software for salvage yards has purpose built features to solve this. Firstly, the donor vehicle inventory allows you to easily manage your vehicles from your inventory manager. You can link all the parts that comes from the donor vehicle to it.

Once you have a donor vehicle in your inventory, you will be able to generate the list of parts that the donor vehicle has. PartsPal does so by working with Global Auto Parts Catalog (GAPC), and this feature is included main pricing plan.

You can watch a video below about how this works.

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