Duplicating Listings

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

PartsPal duplicating system was designed to make it faster to on-boarding listings. Lets see this in application.

Step 1: List a part using the Quick List App

In this example, we listed a Window Switch using the quick list app. This part will appear in your inventory manager. As this part is very similar to another part, we will be able to duplicate the other part's description and details.

Step 2: Select a listing similar to the part you're on-boarding. Click Duplicate

Rather than filling in the details or the new part manually, we've going to duplicate the details of a similar part already in the inventory. The duplicate button is on the quick preview on the right.

Step 3: Search for the new part.

Search for the new part you want to duplicate the detail to.

The duplicated listing will replace the title and photo of the new part, but maintain the description and other details.

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