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How to manage multiple warehouses

Updated: May 20, 2020

PartsPal supports shipping from multiple warehouses. When registering your account, you will first need to provide a primary address. This address does not need to necessarily be a location where you hold stock, however it should be your primary location of business.

Once you have a registered PartsPal account. You can add additional warehouse locations in your settings. Head to the shipping settings section. Every warehouse location can have it's own shipping providers and shipping settings. Select the shipping settings which apply to that warehouse location when you add it, or edit it later.

Individual open hours can also be supplied for each warehouse if pickups are allowed from the location. Simply select the days when the location is open for pickups, and edit the open hours.

Always remember to click save after adding a new warehouse in your settings.

Stock can be assigned to a specific warehouse or moved using a stock adjustment.

To do this, head to the stock adjustment tab within PartsPal. Add the part by using the SKU, name, or part number. Add the quantity of stock that is being added or changed. Then select the location. The locations available in the list will correspond with the warehouse locations which you have added in your settings.

After saving, your stock will update and the changes will be reflected within your PartsPal inventory manager.

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